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How Job Posting works

We Mean Business

First, we would need you to fill out our questionnaire so we can get basic information about your company or business. Following, we would require you to upload your official business license, contact information, and any other necessary documents.

Tools  available 

Qualification Template

You have a budget but maybe don't know how to acquire the type of coach you are looking for. We have the perfect template to ensure that potential candidates are able to completely understand what you have to offer.

Professional Advice

Our team consist of personnel that has either worked and lived in China before or has assisted coaches from the United States and Europe. We are confident in understanding what coaches need. Let us help.

Interview Process

We would like to ensure that you are getting quality candidates. One of our team members  can assist in the interview process by interviewing the potential candidates for you. Iff there are specific questions you'd like to know, let us know.

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